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Tucked away in Southern Sumatra, Krui is an unspoilt paradise, rich in beautiful waves and exotic wildlife. Nestled in the Indonesian Ocean, the endless white coastline and sumptuous, crystal blue surf, bring instant peace and tranquillity. Popular with surfers, there are many great, unspoilt surf spots, although usually a distance apart.


A tropical climate, the weather is hot and humid. Temperatures range from 25-29 degrees. The dry season lasts from March until November (best for surf favouring trade-winds) and the wet season lasts from December to March. Despite the ravages of deforestation, there is still much wildlife and rainforest to see, from elephants to tigers, the variety of different species is incredible.


Stay in a private bungalow by the Ocean and enjoy delicious home-cooked fresh food, three times a day, rustled up by our private chefs. In line with the warm, friendly, laid-back vibe, the accommodation is basic and laid-back, perfect for un-interrupted rest, surf and relaxation.


Wi-Fi, cell connectivity, a chill-out area, pool table and a ping pong table will ensure that any free moments are kept busy. Motorbike and car rental are also available.


Popular with surfers looking to escape the crowds and seek out some great, un-spoilt surf spots, this is the perfect getaway for those that want un-touched beauty, wildlife and great surf.


With surf spots dotted all over Kuri, you are spoilt for choice from amazing barrels in Ujung Bocur to heavy take-off in Jambu and long walls in Krui Reefs, there are many different experiences to choose from.


Served by Bandur Lampung Airport, on the east of the island, airport transfers can be arranged to bring you to your accommodation. We recommend that you find out a bit more about this beautiful, unspoilt paradise. Feel free to contact us, we would love to tell you more.

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