Epic photos of surfing in Krui

surfing in krui surf camp krui surfing

Here are some new great photos from Chris and the lads out in Krui currently. Looks like the waves have been pumping and not too many people around eh? What a better time to book your Krui surf trip and get out here!

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Ancient Trip Report From September 2009

surfing in krui Krui Left on a nice little morning

Here are some photos from when Paradise had first opened for business. Steve was out and scored epic waves with some friends from California. At this point there were only a few camps on the point and it was unusual to see surfers anywhere except the point. He hired a boat at Way Jambu with a maxing swell to get some pics, the boys got barreled at Jimmy's Right, and pretty much got every wave super good.

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Jacque’s Epic Krui Trip

surfing in krui Surfing in krui with paradise surf camp

Here's an oldy but a goody that our buddy Jacque Smit from South Aftrica made a few years back. Guy's getting barreled at basically every spot out here! 

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Older Krui Surf Photos

surfing in krui Way jambu from a far

It's been a while since we've revisited the krui surf photo archives so I figured it was time to dust off some of these old photos and give them the light of day. These scenic treasures are from outtakes and expeditions a few years ago as we took guests to find the best waves in Krui! 

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