Top 5 Surfing Locations

surfing in krui

There are many factors to consider when seeking out the perfect surf spot. The quality of wind, swell, tide, scenery and more all have a pivotal role to play when it comes to determining the calibre of surfing locations. Read on to find out more about the world’s top five surfing locations for surf, accommodation and hospitality.

1.The Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

These islands are located just off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. The biggest swells occur between June and September, and you can reach the islands via ferry or charter. The best-known waves in Mentawai include Lance’s Left and Lance’s Right and Bankvaults. Beginners are perhaps best catered-for by Gilligan’s.

2.Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

Tofino is widely agreed to be one of the very best surf spots in the world. It is a suitable match for surfers of all experience levels and is surrounded by a picturesque rainforest. It is known as Canada’s primary surf zone.

3.White Beach, Okinawa, Japan

White Beach has the region’s only sandbars and is particularly suited to those who wish to develop their skills, including novices. The beach becomes particularly busy and vibrant during the weekend, and there are many high-quality accommodation options to choose from in the local area.

4.Watergate Bay, Cornwall, England

Watergate Bay is one of the most picturesque and charming surf sports in the south-west of England and offers waves that can reach three metres. It is normally less crowded than nearby Fistral Bay and is located in an area noted for its exceptional eateries, which offer menus built around succulent locally-caught produce.

5.Joe’s Point, Sur, Oman

Located in the Middle East, Oman is home to an epic stretch of coast that faces both the Indian Ocean and the desert, offering epic breaks that will surely appeal to the vast majority of suffers. Joe’s Poing is an ideal match for new and highly-experienced surfers, and it’s possible to embark on 40-second rides here. The temperature rarely reaches uncomfortable levels, with the water nearly always remaining cool enough for surfing and swimming. 

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The best Krui Surf Camp

surfing in krui

Are you looking for a quality Krui surf camp? The Krui coastline in southern Sumatra offers some of the most impressive waves in the region, yet it’s profile is much lower than it possibly should be. This is largely because the major surf zones are located some distance away from each other. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have to travel more than 45 minutes between them, and the region is ideal for those seeking uncrowded surf spots and sublime scenery.

If you are looking for quality Krui surf camp accommodation for your Krui trip, help is available. Paradise Surf Camp is home to a series of comfortable and well-facilitated single and double occupancy private bungalows that overlook some of the most elegant and spectacular wave in the region. The team are always on hand to assist you with any queries you might have, and facilities include mosquito nets, beds, fans, locks and small porches looking out towards the exquisite ocean. One of the biggest draws of the accommodation is that all food is cooked by highly-experienced and skilled chefs, and your dishes are included in the price that you pay.

Other facilities include Western-standard bathrooms and showers, Wi-Fi, round-the-clock security, a soothing lookout area and games options including pool and ping-pong tables. You can also stock up on beer, water, cookies and cigarettes at the store and order fruit juice from the bar. Motorbike and car rental can be arranged through the team, as can airport transfers.

The culinary options available include a range of authentic Indonesian and Western delights, and you can also get access to tea and coffee throughout the day for free. A night’s stay at the camp costs just $25USD or approximately 300,000IDR depending on which currency you are using.

Some of the region’s most popular surf spots include Ujung Bocur (AKA ‘Karang Nyimbor’), Way Jambu, Jimmy’s, the Krui Reefs, Honey Smacks and Mandiri. There is a great deal of information on the Paradise Surf Camp site that will help you plan your trip and make the most of your experience. Should you wish to get in touch with the team, you can do so via the contact form on the website. 

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Love to Surf? Check out the Sumatra Surf

surfing in krui

Sumatra offers exciting waves, epic scenery and vast swells. Sumatra Surf is of a particularly high standard between the months of March and November, and a substantial number of quality surf packages have been made available to the public over recent years. You may be amazed to see just how spectacular the waves in the region are. What’s more is that you should never struggle to find uncrowded quiet spots for surf whenever you need them.

Swells reach between 6-12ft between March and November and 3-6ft during the rest of the year. The Lampung district in the south of the region is a major hub for wave seekers. This district is where you’ll find the town of Krui, which has surf spots on either side of it. Ujung Bocur (sometimes incorrectly called Karang Nyimbor) is a noted spot for surf. The Banyak, Hinako and Simeulue Islands are also ideal for surfers as well as explorers. You may well wish to head out on a charter boat if you wish to explore the region in style. There are various left and right handers on offer and waves to suit all types of surfing in the region.

If you are looking for accommodation in the region, Paradise Surf Camp could be for you. The Paradise Surf Camp team offer affordable single and double occupancy private bungalows providing epic views of the most spectacular wave in the Krui region. All bungalows are self-contained and feature a host of valuable facilities such as fans, locks, beds, mosquito nets, locks and porches looking out to the ocean. If you do have any special requests, you can simply contact the team to let them know beforehand. What’s also great about staying at Paradise Surf Camp accommodation is that all your food is not only home-cooked by highly-experienced authentic chefs but is included in the price of the stay, giving you even less to worry about.

Other facilities include Wi-Fi and cell connectivity, 24-hour security services, a pool table, quality bathrooms and showers and much more. To find out more about Sumatra surf, contact Paradise Surf Camp today. 

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History of Surfing in Krui

surfing in krui surfing in Krui

People have been heading to Krui to explore the surf for many years, but the region has never attracted the crowds that tend to gather in other top surf zones for many reasons. One reason why Krui is one of the quieter surf environments is that there is some distance between the leading surf spots, and it can take up to 45 minutes to travel between them. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that those who are yet to visit Krui to sample the surf aren’t unlikely to regret paying a visit to the region. The region is growing in popularity all the time, but not so much the crowds have become unbearable. Read on for more about surfing in Krui.

Krui is an area of South Sumatra that offers a diverse range of waves, pleasingly small crowds and vast swell. To make the most of your trip, it’s best to research the area in depth and gain as much knowledge as you can in advance. Most surfers head to the region for around 10 to 14 days, and quality waves are available throughout the year. Even during the off-season, waves can reach almost two metres.

The region caters well for all surfers above beginner level, with some areas being suitable for novices. If you are an intermediate level surfer, you may wish to head to a protected bay when surf reaches over 1.5 metres. Sumatra is the world’s fifth largest island and remains home to species including tigers, rhinos and elephants despite the deforestation that has taken place over the years. Temperatures normally range between 25-29 degrees and the best swells are available between around March to November.

The Krui coastline competes strongly with all other coastal parts of Indonesia when it comes to wave quality and consistency. Ujung Bocur, which is sometimes incorrectly called ‘Karang Nyimbor’, is one of the most popular surf spots in the region and is capable of providing 200m+ rides. This is the closest surf spot to the camps, which means it is normally the busiest. Way Jambu is an ideal match for experienced thrillseekers and offers a top-to-bottom barrel. Whilst it is known as ‘absoluet evil’ by local fishermen, surfers call it the 'The Sumatran Pipeline'. Find out more about surfing in Krui by browsing the Paradise Surf Camp website. 

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Getting to Krui from Bali, Jakarta, etc…

surfing in krui surfing in Krui

Getting to Paradise Surf Camp is likely going to take longer than you may imagine. Krui is one of the most far-flung surf destinations in the world, and while there’s a new airport scheduled to open up in Krui proper any day now, you currently still need to fly into Bandar Lampung (TKG) airport. Once you’re in Bandar Lampung, you then take a taxi to Paradise. This drive takes around 5 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions and is mostly through the mountainous, verdant Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park. While the drive can be arduous, remember that nothing good comes easy and that epic surf lies at the end of this mountainous, winding road. Also- this park is home to native bears, elephants, and even tigers.

Many people come to surf in Krui from Bali in order to escape the crowds and step into a chiller, more laid back Indonesia surf holiday. The Krui region has very little traffic, congestion, pollution, and trash when compared to Bali and it’s no reason why many surfers come to Paradise Surf Camp to escape Bali’s hectic landscape. Even if you know every Bali secret surf spot, the waves in Krui will be way less crowded. The waves are world class and while there are people around, it’s nowhere close to as crowded as Bali. Also, Krui supports the surf explorer. There are tons of waves that are not regularly surfed that the average 2-week guest ignores. Driving up or down the coast from Paradise Surf Camp will lead to many fruitful discoveries on the right day!

Getting to Krui From Bali
From Bali, you’ll need to fly from Bali to Jakarta (1.5 hours) and then take a smaller 30-minute flight to Bandar Lampung (TKG). From there, we’ll provide the transport to Paradise Surf Camp. You can book these flights online at

Getting to Krui from Jakarta
The airport you fly into is called Bandar Lampung (TKG), Sumatra and is an easy 30-minute flight from Jakarta International. From there, we’ll provide the transport to Paradise Surf Camp. You can book these flights online at

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