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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my trip be like?

For those that have been to Indo but not Sumatra, Sumatra is paradise. People often liken it to Bali 60 years ago. You will not be confronting aggressive groms, crowded boats, or rambunctious drunks. Sumatra is a mellow, mature option for surfers looking to escape the chaos of other Indonesian surf destinations. Whether you want to surf Bocur’s everyday and not worry about transportation or spend your whole time exploring the jungle looking for big blue barrels, the choice is yours. That being said, we do lack some of the creature comforts here and this is not a trip for “high maintenance” people. If you need electricity 24/7, hot showers, and bio-organic diet water at every meal, you may be happier in another part of Indonesia.

What will the waves be like? What about for beginners?

Of course, it depends. With the sheer variety of spots in the area, your chances of getting skunked are pretty slight. Hell, we can’t even remember the last time Mandiri was flat. Chances are, you’re going to score.

If you’re not that experienced of a surfer or you just don’t feel like dealing with the reef, there’s plenty of alternatives. There’s plenty of longboard/learning spots just down from the camp and the beach breaks always have a wave on offer.

What do I need to bring?

As there are no surf shops, you will need to bring all surf related gear with you. At minimum, this should mean extra leashes, leash ropes, fins, fin keys, wax, ding repair kit, etc… It is also wise to bring a basic medical kit for reef cuts and minor abrasions. There is a doctor in Tanjung Setia (the local area) and a major hospital 2.5 hours away, but it’s better to be safe and take care of the little stuff yourself. If you can, bring antibiotics, band aids, antibiotic cream, anti-histamines, and any other assorted medical goods. If you don’t end up needing it, chances are someone else probably will, and you can always leave it behind for the locals or people after you.

Do I need a visa?

If you’re a citizen of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the UK or the USA then you can get a 30 day Visa On Arrival (VOA) at any of the major air or seaports. If you wish to stay for longer than 30 days, you’ll have to arrange for the 60 day social visa at your nearest Indonesian consulate before planning your trip.
What are the health risks?

Like any Indo trip, it is absolutely mandatory to consult your physician at least 4 weeks prior to departure and to have full-coverage Travel Insurance for the duration of your stay. Emergency care is available but can be expensive and is best taken care of by your insurance providers.


Malaria exists outside of the major tourist destinations in Indonesia. While the risk is low, it is suggested that you take preventative measures before coming to Sumatra. Talk to your local physician before leaving to work out the best solution.

You can check out travel warnings here:

What is the local religion?

The large majority of the Lampung (the local province) people are Muslim. Mosques dominate the small villages and it is not uncommon to pass through local festivals and celebrations on your wave explorations. The people are friendly and accommodating and can generally lend a helping hand in finding waves. English is not widely spoken and a little bit of Bahasa Indonesia (Di mana pantai?) will go a long way.

Can we change money once there?

Nope. You need to switch cash before you get here! It is absolutely best if you change all your money before you leave Jakarta. There is ATMs on the road to the airport but it is best to come prepared.

Can we drink alcohol?

Beer is available for purchase from the camp and yes, it’s fine to drink on our grounds. However, when leaving the camp, alcohol should not be consumed.

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Krui Travel Information

Paradise Surf Camp is owned and operated by Widya. Widya is from Sumatra and has been running Paradise Surf Camp for the last 5 years with the help of her family and friends. Our bookings/marketing/web guy Steve has also been known to hang around here for a while, make sure you say hi to him too!

The goal of Paradise Surf Camp has always been to develop a safe, friendly camp where people feel at home. Turned off by surf camps overrun with rules, our goal is to create a camp that lets its guests have their freedom. No 8 bed dorms, no wake up calls or packed buses to spots, Paradise is a surf camp where people can come solo or with friends and feel free to do as they please. Surf the great waves in Krui, Sumatra with us!

Widya has owned the land at Tandjung Setia for the past 5 years. Almost instantly, surfers started asking if they could stay and camp on the land. Soon, several private bungalows were built and the surf camp was born. Since then, we’ve added a few more bungalows along with a pool table (we’re all billiards fanatics, beat one of us and get a free beer!), ping pong table, big screen TV, and added the watchtower that overlooks the waves. New in 2011 is the renovated restaurant and new bungalows on the west part of the camp.

Paradise Surf Camp is a strong part of the local community. We always host events and show major sporting events here, so even if you don’t stay at Paradise, make sure you drop by for a beer, a game of billiards, and a chat.

About Sumatra

Sumatra is the 5th largest island in the world and one of the most important in Indonesia’s history. Its 1100 mile long area used to be covered in dense tropical rain forest but due to extensive deforestation and corruption that is sadly no longer the case. However, there is still a lot of jungle and preserves exist in numerous places that harbor endangered species like Tigers, Elephants, Orangutans, and Rhinos. Straddling the equator, the climate is hot and humid with water temperatures ranging from 25-29 degrees Celcius (85F or so). The seasons in Indonesia are typically divided into the dry season from March/April until October/November which is best for consistent, trade-wind favored surf and the wet season (December-March) where rainfall is heavier and swell is less consistent.

Getting Here

Paradise Surf Camp is located on the Tanjung Setia Headland, 30 minutes south of Krui on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Until the new airport is built (2017 Maybe?), we are best served by Bandar Lampung domestic airport on the eastern side of the island. Airport Transfers to the camp can be arranged with your booking at a total cost of 1,000,000idr each way. The journey varies but usually takes around 5 hours.

International flights into Jakarta can connect with Merpati, Sriwijaya, and Garuda Indonesia domestic flights from JAK into Bandar Lampung.

It's ideal to arrive in Bandar Lampung no later than 2pm as the drive to the camp takes approximately 6 hours. When leaving, it's best to depart from Bandar Lampung airport no earlier than 4pm so you don't have to wake up at 5AM.

Helpful tip: If you bring CD’s, an iPod, or any music device, you won’t be subject to the musical tastes of your driver. We’re all for cultural sensitivity, but Air Supply’s ‘I’m All Out of Love’ on repeat for 6 hours is just horrible.

More questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.
Have tons of questions? Shoot us an email at or Contact us about Surfing south Sumatra

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Accommodation in Krui

Paradise Surf Camp offers inexpensive, clean, single/double occupancy private bungalows overlooking the most well known wave in the Krui area- Ujung Bocur (AKA Karang Nyimbor). Each bungalow is self contained and has beds, mosquito nets, a fan, electrical outlets, locks, and a small porch that looks out to the ocean. The waves can be checked from the lookout tower at the camp but the paddle out requires a small 5 minute walk up the beach. There is no easier way to surf in South Sumatra than with us!

Things in Sumatra operate quite differently than other more touristy parts of Indonesia. Accommodation in all of the camps in the area is quite laid-back and basic. For the average traveling surfer looking to escape the more crowded Indo spots it will be more than enough, but if you have any special needs or desires, clarify them with us beforehand. All the food (included in the price of accommodation) is home-cooked by our exquisite chefs and will be one of the highlights of your trip!

Camp Facilities

- Western Bathrooms & Showers
- Wi-Fi & Cell connectivity
- 24 hour security
- Lookout area for checking the waves and relaxing (with hammocks etc...)
- Chill out area with surf mags, book exchange, chess boards…
- Pool Table
- Ping-Pong Table
- Small store that sells beers, sodas, waters, cookies, cigarettes
- NEW! Order your own fruit juice from the juice bar!
- Fully equipped kitchen for staff to cook meals
- Dvd Player (when it works…)

We can also arrange motorbike rental (65,000rp per day), car rental (price varies, available with or without driver), and airport transfers. Airport transfers are 1,000,000rp each way total price per trip.


Three meals per day are included with each night of accommodation. Meals are all freshly prepared in-house by our staff. Dishes vary but are generally a mix of Indonesian and Western favorites based on availability and preference. A typical day would be banana pancakes, omelets, or crepes for breakfast, Nasi Goreng (fried rice), mixed vegetables, and grilled chicken for lunch, and freshly caught fish, rice, steamed vegetables, potato cakes and fresh sambal (spicy!) for dinner. Coffee and tea is available throughout the day at no charge.
There is a small store in the chill out area where you can add beers, waters, fruit juices, and other snacks to your tab.


Paradise Surf Camp is a flat rate: $25USD per night per person

This includes 3 meals and all the coffee and tea you can shake a stick at. Based on double occupancy, single rooms available as well!
Note: Balances can be paid in Indonesian Rupiah or US Dollars. $25USD is roughly 300,000IDR, please check currency exchange rates before visiting.

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